Meet Kotar FEST!


Starting from the year 2012, our festival brings theatre, movies, music and all other artistic content to the region that is really hungry for cultural events.

Gorski kotar region has an extremely important geographic position in Croatia with a great natural predispositions for developing tourism. With the mix of good traffic connections, beautiful nature and turist potential there is no better place than this to be a great home for art and cultural events.

Although Gorski kotar is better known for its winter season, summer here is a great time of the year for visitors to enjoy four days of interesting and interactive theatre shows, film screenings, artistic workshops and performances. And of course, unavoidable festival parties and concerts.

Our primary target group are mainly local population of Gorski kotar region, but our audience are also the people who have limited access to cultural events or they have to go to cities like Zagreb, Rijeka or even Ljubljana to visit their points of interest.

Secondary, our audience are weekend travellers from Rijeka – Karlovac – Zagreb that are interested in cultural events nearby as well as those who recognize the quality of our program – theater, workshops, screenings and other. Recently, we have discovered a large potential of artistic residences, so our new target groups are also artists that need time and space to develop their projects.

Kotar FEST! is primarily located in Delnice – largest town in Gorski kotar region. But, our program has been travelling across Gorski kotar and we have visited Lokve, Fužine and Brod na Kupi.

In four years, we had 20 theatre plays, 23 workshops, 7 screenings, 4 concerts and 6 festival parties. Kotar theatre is the first independent arts organization that has enabled ongoing performance of cultural events as well as systematic work in the field of cultural education for children and adults from Gorski kotar region.

So, to make it short and simple, we offer you: 

  • – exceptional and special natural scenery for theatre plays, artistic workshops and film screenings in the woods of Gorski kotar
  • – international cooperation
  • – quality program performed by renowned artists and directors

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